Marine Marketing Services: The best procurement service providers

Marine Marketing Services is the best procurement service.

More and more ship owners and managers now prefer outsourcing their ship management and crew management services, and procurement is one of the perfect choices.

With 30 years of experience, MMS dedicates to providing the highest quality service and support for our clients. Here, clients will find an attentive, professional, and highly-motivated team ready to help them attract and hire the best crew members.

Benefits to ship owners and managers

  • Pre-qualified vendors are available in all major ports.
  • GMO procurement specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Access to a comprehensive database of goods and services.
  • Quality, dependability, and on-time delivery
  • Volume discounts are available.
  • Get complete support and advice in the event of special requirements.
  • Plan ahead of time for a supply/service.
  • Assistance during an emergency.

Consumer or Service user side benefits

  • Participation in the universal volume incentive program
  • Unified credit items
  • Round-the-clock response
  • Single point contact and quarterly participation benefit reporting
  • Expanded supplier access creates financial benefits
  • Pre-qualified supplier/ service providers meet the GMO standard.

Seller/ Service Provider Side Benefits

  • Customized customer visitation
  • Global Marketing exposure with increased client expansion and market penetration.
  • Website promotion and quarterly participation benefit reporting.
  • Participation in Universal user volume incentive program.
  • Representation fees are only payable once the sellers pay.
  • Optional enhancement is available on a fee basis.
  • Trade show marketing feature and daily marketing services.
  • Group publication advertising feature.
  • Daily arrival reporting and daily bid follow-up services.
  • Facilitation of supplier interface software for back office.
  • International legal services and operational consulting services.
  • Economical back-office functions; customer support, data entry, re-key, collections, expediting, etc.


  • 9145 Wallisville Road Houston TX 77029, USA
  • +1 713 589 2282